520 Mural Spotlight: Indigenous Inspiration

520 Lofts MuralIf you're a 520 Lofts resident, there's a high chance that you've seen the stunning mural in the stairwell. Even if you're not a resident, this magnificent work of art is hard to miss if you're walking or driving down Hamilton Street. 

We reached out to the mastermind behind the mural, Matt Halm, to learn the inspiration behind each painting. Halm, an Allentown native, was given the opportunity to create murals in Allentown neighborhoods in 2004, and since then he's never stopped. 

Halm's years of experience shine through in his mural in the 520 stairwell. It was hard to choose just one painting to showcase first, but the one that was speaking to us this month was the totem face on the 4th floor. 

This section of the mural is an ode to the art of the indigenous people of the coastal Northwest United States. Halm was inspired by the ancient style of totem and animal imagery. This totem face utilizes the black railing as a form line and is made of layers of design. If you study the image, you'll discover fish, an orca, birds, and other decorative designs. The face has eyes, nose, a big row of teeth in a grin, and even has a gold tooth. Halm's modern take on an ancient tradition is a work of art you can get lost in. 

Have a section of the mural you'd like to see featured? Take a photo and tag @520lofts on Instagram and use #LiveCreatively520.