520 Lofts Mural

520 Mural Spotlight: Hidden Numbers

This month’s mural spotlight looks at the painting on the first floor of the stairwell. Muralist Matt Halm explains to us how this painting gives hints about the rest of the mural.

The ground floor section of the mural is inspired by tile design. It’s comprised of colors that are seen throughout the mural. Halm painted this section as obscured signage for the first-floor entrance, hiding representations of the number one in the tile collage. This idea of the "anti-sign" is seen throughout the mural, in the areas near the doors. Viewers are encouraged to find the floor numbers in the designs. (If you find one, take a photo and tag @520Lofts!)

Have a section of the mural you'd like to see featured? Take a photo and tag @520lofts on Instagram and use #LiveCreatively520.